The first company I built was a social media marketing agency back in 2007. My team and I built Facebook applications for companies such as Levi’s and LG, and we quickly expanded our services to include SEO, Email Marketing, and Graphic Design.  Though the agency life was fun, my team and I were hungry for more — we decided to move to Silicon Valley, raise an Angel round, and take our chances with an Internet startup.

We quickly grew from a garage in Mountain View to a legitimate office with 12 employees.  We raised $1M in Angel funding and launched our customer loyalty platform with great success amongst the franchise restaurant market.  Throughout my experience in sales, online marketing, and PR, I realized that a lot of the opportunities that I received and the company received were the direct result of the reputation we built online.  It was more than a personal brand, as my brand was directly tied to the company brand, and as I grew my reputation, so did the company grow in reputation.

My introduction to Reputation Management

Admittedly, I once thought that Reputation Management was only for dishonest companies that provide poor service to their customers and clients.  However, that all changed when my good friend Bernie introduced me to the CEO of one of the largest rehabilitation companies in the United States.

I was hesitant to work with the company, but I agreed to meet the CEO to understand where he’s coming from and why he had such a bad reputation online.  My meeting with him changed my perspective on how people market their company online and the effects that an online reputation can have on a business.

The CEO was getting attacked online for two main reasons:

  1. His religious preferences
  2. Patients that violated the company terms of policy lashed out through Ripoff Report

This was not just an ordinary client; this was the opportunity to help a man whose mission is to help others that are in terrible need.  If I can help this man build an online reputation that truly represents his company, then I will directly help addicts take the first step in their recovery.

What’s missing in the online marketing agency world

To this day, my team and I continue to work with the rehabilitation company and the CEO.  Because of our great work and proven results, we’ve expanded our services to include not only reputation management for the company, but personal branding for the CEO as well.  We’re very happy that together we’re saving lives.

I now finally realize what’s missing in the online marketing agency world. Traditional marketing agencies focus on getting as many clients as possible and doing the bare minimum work to keep the client happy.  They do this for several reasons:

  1. They don’t want to over achieve so that they can up-sell the client later on more services
  2. They want to keep costs low by hiring the bare minimum amount of people to complete the job
  3. They require clients to speak with Account Managers instead of the actual experts who do the work

The traditional marketing agencies have it wrong.

The quintessential company that goes above and beyond for its customers is Zappos, which as their tagline suggest, is powered by service.  So why can’t a marketing agency also be powered by service?  Why can’t a marketing agency also go above and beyond what is expected of them (and more importantly, go above and beyond what’s been budgeted).

Our philosophy and promise to our clients

This is why we have adopted the Zappos philosophy — this is why we too are powered by service and aim to do everything possible to make sure the people and companies we work with build an online reputation that truly represents their personality, character, and product.

Why I built Reputation Hacks

I built Reputation Hacks to teach professionals and companies everything that I know about reputation management.  It’s important that you arm yourself with the tools, techniques, and resources to protect and utilize your online reputation to increase profitability and create a strong, long-lasting brand.  More importantly, I built Reputation Hacks as an online resource where you can ask me any question you have at any time.  If you want to reach me directly right now, go to the contact page.

Reputation Management is not just for companies that have a bad reputation online; reputation management is for every company that wants to utilize their brand for more opportunities, more customers and clients, and more users.  An online reputation is the difference between hunting down customers, or having customers seek you out because you are the expert in the industry.

The Evolution of Reputation

In addition to working with companies, we now also work with individuals that want to build and cultivate their thought leadership online. We help professionals such as Yu-kai Chou further establish his expertise in Gamification online.  So if you’re a professional looking to build your thought leadership, then look no further than Reputation Hacks — we’re here to help you in every way possible.

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