The Beginner’s Guide to Reputation Management (Part 11 of 34): Ripoff Report


Throughout this reputation management guide, we have used Ripoff Report as one of the main examples of how review sites can cause serious damage to a company or personal brand. In this lesson, we are going to explain exactly what Ripoff Report is, how people use the site, and how companies and individuals can deal with Ripoff Report should they find a defamatory report on the website.

What Is Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report is a site that allows people to publicly out companies that have malicious business practices or are taking advantage of customers. In concept, the site is extremely useful to users because it gives people a platform to tell others about a really bad experience they had with a company. Since the site ranks high in Google search results, these posts are front and center whenever someone searches for a business, unlike a personal blog or social media post, which might rank significantly lower in search results due to a low page rank. Ripoff Report provides a tool for users to avoid scams.

Unfortunately, some users abuse Ripoff Report. The problem with the site is that there is no way to check the legitimacy of a user’s claim. Did the user truly receive horrible service? Is the user posting to warn others, or does he or she have a personal vendetta against the company? Which claims made on Ripoff Report are actually true?

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